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Parent Resources

Northern Voices holds the Parent Aware 3-Star Rating. Parents may apply for Early Learning Scholarships to be used at programs with Parent Aware Star Rating. For more information, explore resources with Think Small at

For more information on Parent Aware Star Rating, visit

For information on Early Childhood Screening, which is required before a child enters a Minnesota public school for kindergarten, explore resources at

Little Moments Count is a resource for parents that provides a range of materials on Early Childhood Development. For more information, visit

Help Me Grow Minnesota connects families to resources that help young children develop, learn, and grow. For more information, visit

PACER Center helps children with disabilities to reach their highest potential. The can provide parents necessary assistance to navigate the support systems their child requires. More information can be found at

Minnesota Hands & Voices provides information and support to families at any point in their journey with a child who is deaf and/or hard of hearing. For more information, please visit

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides a public portal with information on communication development and hearing loss. For more information, explore

The Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides information on resources available in our state. For more information, visit

The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, Deaf Blind, and Hard of Hearing provides information on issues of advocacy, legislation, and education of children in Minnesota with hearing loss. For more information, visit

Cochlear Americas provides information on cochlear implants. To learn more, visit


Advanced Bionics provides information on cochlear implants. For more information, visit

MED EL also provides information on cochlear implants. To learn more, visit

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